Cheri Chatter

Cheri Chatter

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Roof Acrobatics

The Olympics may be over in Sochi, but they are still going on at my house. With record snowfalls this week, the snow on my roof is unbelievably deep. Time to go bobsledding!

Just kidding. I do think I have a neighbor kid or two that would be willing to give it a try, but I decided to get rid of some of that snow. And don't worry. I've done this many times and have it down to a safe science. I climb out the dormer window and always leave a pile of snow between me and the roof edge.

Wish I had a before picture, but this is what it looked like after shoveling off the northwest corner. You can kind of figure out by what is left how deep it actually was. It took a couple of hours.

I then had to deal with the mountain of snow on my front steps. I have a back door which is no longer snowed shut that I can use, but my small quilt group is coming over this week and they would have had a hard time getting in. (LOL)

Done! One more hour of shoveling and the deed was done. I have no access to the side of the house, but there are great big piles of snow for the neighbor kids to play in. They're loving it!

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