Cheri Chatter

Cheri Chatter

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bobsledding, Anyone?

Since I'm still recovering from my luge event, I've decided to postpone building the bobsled run on my roof. Too bad. I have the perfect roof for it. You could bank off the dormer and then the lower peak onto the front porch roof. Nice big pile of snow in the yard that would make for a soft landing after launching from the porch. Oh well, it will have to wait.

In the meantime I've distracted myself with a couple of other projects. I needed a hand project, so I've started hand quilting "Coffee Break" with perle cotton and a big stitch. That technique is so much fun and finishes off a quilt pretty quickly.

This small wall hanging will be the second in my Yikes! Stripes! series. The first one was "Fractured Pansies", also finished off with a big stitch. Both quilts make use of an irregular, multicolored stripe. I have a stripe stash that will be very fun to experiment with.

I've also started planning a baby quilt for my great nephew expected to arrive the end of May. I finally got reunited with a charm pack I bought last May and promptly misplaced. It turned up in the laptop bag. Go figure.

I plan to frame these bright squares on two sides with light aqua and yellow. Since I don't have enough squares in the charm pack, I will add some black and white prints. Babies see black and white best for a while, so I will add the most graphic ones I can find. I may even throw in some applique.

I've put in my request to have the baby arrive on my birthday, but that would mean he'd be here a couple weeks early. Sure would be fun though!

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