Cheri Chatter

Cheri Chatter

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Olympics

I've taken a break from sewing to watch the Winter Olympics. I don't really have a hand project I'm that excited to work on, and in any case, I don't want to miss the action.

I'm anxious to see the luge events more than anything. While waiting, I decided to create my own luge event right here at home. It was quite impromptu. You can do it too.  Here's how:

1.  Like me, you probably don't have a luge laying around, so the right clothing is a must. Pick out a pair of clunky outdoor shoes that are slippery when wet. And a big puffy down coat, also slippery. The less friction, the better.

2.  Find a staircase, preferably uncarpeted, for your luge run. I used the basement stairs. They have those shiny rubber treads over bare wooden steps. No friction. Perfect!

3.  One more thing: add some extra weight. I found that a 50 lb bag of dog food cradled in my arms was just the thing. I needed to move it to the basement larder anyway. Two birds, one stone.

4.  Now you're ready. Standing on the tippy top step, slide your feet to the very edge until gravity and your slippery shoes take over. If you are lucky, your feet will fly right out from under you, leaving you airborne for only a split second before you begin your exhilerating plunge down the stairs on your back and backside.

5.  A word about elbows is in order here. Try to pull them up and away from the luge run as it will only slow your progress. It's admittedly hard to do while holding a 50 lb. bag of dog food, but halfway down I managed to raise my elbows a bit and immediately picked up speed. 
There you have it.  Easy peasy. I made it to the bottom in what must have been record time. 

Let me know how it works for you. You, too, could be an Olympic contender!


Nancy said...

Sounds like you should take it easy on the practice runs. Ouch! Hope you're ok.

Cheri Dawn said...

You know me. I've already had plenty of practice. Carpe Diem!!

Susan Dyer said...

Cheri, First the ropes course and now the luge! What next? Time to take it easy.

Emily Dyer said...

At least you were doing solo luge. : ) Hope you're not too bruised.

Cindy Horan said...

My Oh My Cheri!!! You need a stop watch next time so you know what time you have to beat!!! Hope you're not too black and blue.

Cheri Dawn said...

Great idea!