Cheri Chatter

Cheri Chatter

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sew Many Quilts, Sew LIttle Time

I'm in trouble. I have sew many projects in the works that I have (almost) lost track.  I definitely need to prioritize. Here's what's on the list:
  • one quilt to bind, label, and attach a hanging sleeve
  • five tops ready for the longarmer
  • backs and battings to get ready for three of those tops
  • two hand quilting projects
  • two tops ready for assembly
  • one piecing project half done
  • one hexie project started
  • a baby quilt to cut out

All are active projects, and I bounce from one ball to the other trying to keep them all in the air. It's fun! (Mostly.)

I like bouncing. It keeps my interest level high. I get to work on what I am in the mood for. But since I am almost never in the mood for piecing backs and doing bindings, those balls get dropped, and I get stressed. That's not fun.

I admire quilters who can pick a project, go buy the fabric, and work on that one quilt start to finish. What a concept! But I know I will probably never work that way. Plus, I love prioritizing and tackling a list - one task at a time - so here goes! Today's task: assemble one back.

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