Cheri Chatter

Cheri Chatter

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It Pays to Whine

I'm good at whining. In fact I'm such an expert that I give lessons: Whine Your Way to Success in Four Easy Steps.

So when I fell in love with the Kaffe Fassett fabrics that Nathan picked out for a new quilt, I felt a whine coming on. At each stage in the construction I whined more. I frequently referred to the emerging quilt as mine. I became a pest.

On Valentine's Day Nathan stopped by to sew with me. Before we got started though, he placed in my hands a package that contained . . . you guessed it - my new quilt! I'm still reeling from his generosity.

Doesn't it look terrific on my bed? The name fits perfectly, too. It's called Forever Friends and is one of the latest mystery quilts from Glad Creations.

Now it's Nathan's turn to whine. (Hey, Nathan, need any lessons?)

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Nathan Carter said...

I'm glad my quilt found a good home.