Cheri Chatter

Cheri Chatter

Friday, May 16, 2014

"When I'm 64 . . . "

I remember when that song was brand new. Sixty-four seemed like a long way off back then, but it quietly snuck up on me last week. I'd forgotten it was just around the corner.

Then Bosca and I arrived home from a walk one day to find this on my doorstep. Very puzzling. I hadn't ordered anything, had I? Even though I'd forgotten about my upcoming birthday, my secret sister hadn't!

What could it be? I anxiously tore into the box to find two fabric wrapped smaller packages. One contained a fancy new (pink) seam ripper that I've been wanting and the other enclosed a very fun wool applique project - a snowman in a snow globe - packaged in a canning jar. How cute! 

I now have enough hand projects to keep me going for a couple of months anyway. Thank you, Secret Sister, whoever you are!

A couple of days after the gift from my secret sis arrived on my doorstep, a few of my friends celebrated with me at our favorite Irish pub. (That's Colleen, Irish to the core.) We've decided to stop gifting each other with more "stuff" and go for what we all need and can use . . . wine. They brought bottles of red wine that I'm looking forward to sampling. 

And then on the very day I turned 64, my neighbor and his little boy delivered yet another bottle of wine. (How did he know? :) This bottle had a lit birthday candle attached. I felt really special, and have decided that being 64 is not only better than the alternative, it's something to look forward to!

"Birthday greeting, bottle of wine . . . "

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