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Cheri Chatter

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas To Georgia

Early this month our friend, Georgia, was broadsided by another vehicle and will be laid up for a while. When I say "laid up", I mean "flat-on-your-back, leg-in-the-air, can't-do-much-but-watch-t.v." laid up.

Georgia was working on an Old Maid's Puzzle quilt for our Comfortable Companions quilt show (January 1 - 10) at Glad Creations. Needless to say, she will not be completing hers!

So here's the one I made for the show. It's going to Georgia when the show is over.

If you know Georgia, you know what a great sense of humor she has, so the quilt had to reflect that.

Here we are: two old maids - Georgia with her companion bird, Merry, and me with my "Bosca" shirt.

You'll just have to guess what we are puzzled about. (Hint: No quilt is perfect. There's always a fly in the ointment.)

Georgia needs a way to have all the essentials close by, so her friends at Glad Creations got together and stuffed the pockets of this apron I made at the last UFO class. It's in Georgia's favorite color: RED!!

The pockets contained Christmas ornaments, fabric, chocolate, lotion, lip balm, a "bodice ripper" romance novel, and a fabulous pillow case to cradle her head. (You can see this risque object at Nate's Notions. See "Links" above.)

Merry Christmas, Georgia!!

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