Cheri Chatter

Cheri Chatter

Sunday, October 26, 2008

When Life Hands You Limes

I had a cutting accident the other day while cutting out the rest of my sister's pink and brown quilt. The good news is that my fingers are intact (not always so in my case), but my background fabric is now in strips one inch too narrow.

My motto is: When life hands you limes, make margueritas.

I would have taken my own advice literally the other day, but it was before noon. So I went to Plan B: buy more fabric. I called Nathan and off we went to Glad Creations for a new background fabric.

It pays not to panic. Plan B often turns out way better than Plan A. I found a fabric I like much better than the original. I think my sister, Linda, will like it better too.

Nathan and I celebrated with a trip to Matt's Bar for Jucy Lucy's and fries. (Yup, we had beers, too.)

I highly recommend this local establishment if you don't already know about it. Great food and only four blocks from Glad's. (The secret is not to go too often. That way it is always a treat, plus you'll be able to get through doors easier.)

It just keeps getting better. I've decided to make flying geese with the discarded strips, pairing them with the Jo Morton fabrics I've been collecting.

I'm going to end up with two beautiful quilts. And when I do, I think margueritas will definitely be in order!

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Nathan Carter said...

When are we having the margaritas?